About Me

Hello my name is Adhika Setya Pramudita

I am a junior software developer who mainly interested in Web based application, computer networking, and Linux Operation System.

Currently my occupation now (2016) is Technology Information Undergraduate student in University of Gadjahmada Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Various programming language and tools that I use:

  • Programming Lang: C/C++, Python, PHP, Haskell
  • Version Control: Git
  • Frontend web: HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, CSS (SASS)
  • Backend web: PHP (and Laravel framework, composer), MySQL, Java (Spring framework)
  • Web Server: Apache, (micro amount of) NodeJS
  • Text editor: Sublime text and (some) Vim
  • OS: Archlinux, Ubuntu, Windows, Android
  • Tools: Gulp (JS task runner), Vagrant

Random Online Presence


Send email to hello<at>adhikasetyap<dot>me