Why Student Cheats”

Today, I will address one of the most common problem we, as a school student, encounter. It was cheating. Cheating, by definition, is to act dishonestly or unfairly to gain advantage. This was usually done by student at examination time or while doing assignment. Cheating can be done in various ways, such by looking at text book, hiding a secret note, or simply by seeing others friend answer directly. Cheating, if become a habit, can potentially cause a harmful effect on the future of the student and country. It promotes lie, intrigue, laziness, and other bad characteristic. But, why are the students cheat? There is some possible answer.

First is the lack of awareness. Student may or may not realize that cheating is harmful for them. In short term, it looks easy and simple, but in long term it will hurt them more, because they are not really studying when in school, thus will give them handicap under them who are diligent when in school.

Second is the lack of attention. The teacher may didn’t know that student is cheating in class, or they just didn’t care. Cheating, by some student, is like an art, always changing and creative. This, and the capability and function given by modern gadget, like phone and messaging system, make tracking the student cheating activity harder, and thus encouraging them to continuously cheating.

Third is, it’s just a “culture”. Many student cheat because they imitate their friend, who in turn learn it from other friend or their senior. It becomes a vicious cycle. Senior teach their junior, who will teach their junior and so on. If this was the case, it will hard to break the cheating case.

So, that was few of reason why student are cheating. I believe that there was more of cause why they do it. If we want to remove the cheating problem completely, we must find the fix of the reason, one by one.